• Release 1 2020

    Posted by Oxford Diecast


    Product Description Release Retail Bodyshape Scale Barcode
    1:148 Oxford Commercials            
    NFT035 National Grid Ford Transit MkV SWB Low Roof Q4/2020 £5.55 Ford Transit MK 5 1:148 5055530136465
    NSDF003 Shelvoke & Drewry Freightlifter British Rail (Yellow) Q4/2020 £8.45 Shelvoke & Drewry Fork 1:148 5055530128972
    1:148 Oxford Haulage            
    NVOL4008 Volvo FH4 Walking Floor Mc Burney Q3/2020 £15.95 Volvo FH 1:148 5055530133952
    1:148 Oxford Military            
    NCHT003 Churchill Tank 142 RAC Tunisia 1943 Q4/2020 £7.45 Churchill Tank 1:148 5055530133655
    1:148 Oxford Omnibus            
    NMW6003 Bristol MW6G Eastern Counties NBC Q3/2020 £8.95 Bristol MW6G 1:148 5055530133860
    1:43 Oxford Automobile            
    43JAGV12006 Jaguar V12 E Type Coupe Old English White Q3/2020 £24.95 Jaguar V12 E Type 1:43 5055530128651
    1:43 Oxford Emergency            
    43LR3S007 Land Rover Series 3 SWB Station Wagon HM Coastguard Q2/2020 £16.95 Land Rover Series III 1:43 5055530130975
    1:43 Oxford Military            
    43LR2S007 Land Rover Series II SWB Canvas RAF Police Q3/2020 £16.95 Land Rover Series II 1:43 5055530130951
    1:72 Oxford Aviation            
    AC100 121 Sqn RAF Holmsley South 1944 Hawker Typhoon Mk1 Q4/2020 £16.95 Hawker Typhoon Mk1b 1:72 5055530136335
    AC101 RAF R9125 225 Squadron Westland Lysander Q3/2020 £19.95 Westland Lysander 1:72 5055530136342
    AC102 23 Squadron RAF 1943 DH Mosquito Q3/2020 £18.95 DH Mosquito FB MKVI 1:72 5055530136359
    AC103 RAF SN330 3 Squadron Hawker Tempest MkV Q4/2020 £15.95 Hawker Tempest MkV 1:72 5055530136366
    1:76 Coca Cola            
    76ASV006CC Coca Cola Van Q3/2020 £5.95 Austin 7 Van 1:76 5055530134393
    1:76 Oxford Automobile            
    76BCGT003 Onyx Black Bentley Continental GT  Q3/2020 £7.95 Bentley Continental GT 1:76 5055530134850
    76CP004 Blue Mink Ford Capri Mk1 Q4/2020 £6.45 Ford Capri Mk 1 1:76 5055530134966
    76CPR003 White Ford Capri Mk2 Q4/2020 £6.45 Ford Capri Mk 2 1:76 5055530134980
    76ESC003 Diamond White Ford Escort Mk2 Q4/2020 £6.45 Ford Escort Mk 2 1:76 5055530135185
    76FCC004 Ermine White Ford Consul Capri Q3/2020 £3.58 Ford Consul Capri 1:76 5055530135222
    76FE003 Ermine White Ford Escort Mk1 Q3/2020 £6.45 Ford Escort Mk 1 1:76 5055530135253
    76FZ004 Black Ford Zodiac MkII Q3/2020 £6.25 Ford Zodiac MkII 1:76 5055530135291
    76INV001 AC Invacar Pale Blue Q4/2020 £6.45 AC Invacar 1:76 5055530132054
    76IS004 Yellow BMW Isetta Q3/2020 £6.25 BMW Isetta 1:76 5055530135314
    76JEP001 Caesium Blue Jaguar E Pace Q4/2020 £6.95 Jaguar E Pace 1:76 5055530135345
    76JIP001 Photon Red Jaguar I Pace Q4/2020 £6.95 Jaguar I Pace 1:76 5055530135369
    76LRDF013 Safari Land Rover Defender 90 Q4/2020 £5.95 Land Rover Defender 90 1:76 5055530135499
    76M3004 Imola Red BMW M3 Coupe Q4/2020 £6.25 BMW M3 1:76 5055530135581
    76MGBGT004 Mineral Blue MGBGT Q4/2020 £5.95 MGB GT 1:76 5055530135598
    76MX004 Pageant Blue Austin Maxi Q4/2020 £6.25 Austin Maxi 1:76 5055530135680
    76ND110001 New Defender 110 Q4/2020 £7.95 Land Rover Defender 110 New 1:76 5055530135703
    76ND110X001 New Defender 110X Q4/2020 £7.95 Land Rover Defender 110 New 1:76 5055530136779
    76ND90001 New Defender 90 Q4/2020 £7.95 Land Rover Defender 90 New 1:76 5055530135710
    76NQ004 Nissan Qashqai White Q3/2020 £5.95 Nissan Qashqai 1:76 5055530118737
    76RRE003 Aintree Green Range Rover Evoque Coupe (Facelift) Q4/2020 £6.95 Range Rover Evoque 2016 1:76 5055530135819
    76S3003 Misano Red Audi S3 Cabriolet Q4/2020 £6.45 Audi S3 1:76 5055530135826
    76SC001 Scooter  Blue/White Q4/2020 £5.95 Scooter 1:76 5055530132641
    76TR6004 Black Triumph TR6 Q4/2020 £6.45 Triumph TR6 1:76 5055530136069
    76TX5002 Tupelo Red LEVC TX Taxi Q3/2020 £7.95 TX5 Taxi 1:76 5055530136083
    76VWS009 VW T1 Samba Bus Mouse Grey/Pearl White Q3/2020 £6.95 Volkswagen Split Screen 1:76 5055530133204
    1:76 Oxford Commercials            
    76FDE015 Rediffusion Ford 400E Van Q4/2020 £6.75 Ford 400E 1:76 5055530135246
    76FT036 Frozen White Ford Transit MkV SWB Low Roof Q3/2020 £6.45 Ford Transit MK 5 1:76 5055530135277
    76MH020 LNER Scammell Mechanical Horse Flatbed Q4/2020 £10.95 Mech Horse 1:76 5055530135604
    76MSV002 Mercedes Sprinter Van Stobart Rail Q3/2020 £6.95 Mercedes Sprinter 1:76 5055530132337
    76MSV004 White Mercedes Sprinter Q4/2020 £6.95 Mercedes Sprinter 1:76 5055530135628
    76PB010 Royal Mail (Scotland) Commer PB Postbus Q4/2020 £5.95 Commer PB 1:76 5055530135734
    76SHP011 Royal Mail Sherpa Van Q3/2020 £6.95 Sherpa 1:76 5055530135949
    76T4007 Bobs Hot Dogs VW T4 Van Q4/2020 £6.95 VW T4 1:76 5055530135987
    76TPU005 White Ford Transit Dropside Q4/2020 £13.95 Ford Transit Pickup 1:76 5055530136038
    1:76 Oxford Construction            
    76ACD001 AEC 690 Dumper Truck Wimpey Q4/2020 £21.95 AEC 690 1:76 5055530131279
    76ACM001 AEC 690 Cement Mixer Blue Q1/2021 £21.95 AEC 690 1:76 5055530131309
    76JS003 W H Malcolm JCB JS220 Q3/2020 £26.95 JCB JS220 Tracked Excavator 1:76 5055530135383
    1:76 Oxford Emergency            
    76ESC004 Police Ford Escort Mk2 Q4/2020 £6.45 Ford Escort Mk 2 1:76 5055530135192
    76FT1009 RAC Ford Transit Mk1 Q4/2020 £6.45 Ford Transit MK 1 1:76 5055530135284
    76J4005 J4 Van Greater Manchester Police Q3/2020 £6.95 Morris J4 1:76 5055530132092
    76RR3004 Metropolitan Police Range Rover 3rd Generation Q3/2020 £6.95 Range Rover 3rd Generation 1:76 5055530135802
    76SFE011 Humberside Fire and Rescue Pump Ladder Q3/2020 £23.95 Scania Fire Pump 1:76 5055530136762
    76T5V005 AA VW T5 Van Q4/2020 £6.95 VW T5 1:76 5055530136007
    76TN005 Thornycroft Nubian Duxford Q4/2020 £18.95 Thornycroft Nubian 1:76 5055530123885
    76TN006 Thornycroft Nubian Glasgow Q4/2020 £18.95 Thornycroft Nubian 1:76 5055530125971
    1:76 Oxford Gift            
    76SET74 7 Piece Royals Set Q3/2020 £42.95 Sets 1:76 5055530135918
    1:76 Oxford Haulage            
    76TCAB011 Scania T Cab Cylindrical Tanker Wilson McCurdy Q4/2020 £24.95 Scania T Cab 1:76 5055530132986
    1:76 Oxford Military            
    76AC001 Austin Champ 4th RHAR 7th Arm Div Germany 1957 Q4/2020 £6.95 Austin Champ 1:76 5055530131217
    76LAN180009 RAF Tripoli Desert Rescue Team Land Rover Series I 80 Canvas Q3/2020 £5.95 Land Rover Series 1 1:76 5055530135468
    76LRFCA004 BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) 1990 Land Rover FC Ambulance Q4/2020 £11.95 Land Rover Forward Control 1:76 5055530135512
    76LRL010 RAF Police Akrotiri Land Rover Lightweight Q3/2020 £6.95 Land Rover Lightweight 1:76 5055530135550
    1:76 Oxford Omnibus            
    76LRT010 Mexborough & Swinton Leyland Royal Tiger Q4/2020 £18.95 Leyland Royal Tiger 1:76 5055530135567
    76MW6006 Bristol MW6G West Yorkshire Q4/2020 £19.95 Bristol MW6G 1:76 5055530132351
    1:87 Oxford Automobile            
    87BCE54001 Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 Ranier Blue/Arctic White Q4/2020 £6.95 Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 1:87 5055530133310
    87BCE54002 Baffin Green/Carlsbad Black Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 Q4/2020 £6.95 Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 1:87 5055530136144
    87BS36005 Musketeer Blue Buick Special Convertible 1936 Q2/2020 £3.86 Buick Special Convertible Coupe 1936 1:87 5055530136151
    87CB42001 Chrysler T & C Woody Wagon 1942 Regal Maroon Q4/2020 £6.95 Chrysler Town & Country 1942 1:87 5055530133327
    87CE57003 Copenhagen Blue Cadillac Eldorado Hard Top 1957 Q2/2020 £6.95 Chevrolet Cadillac Eldorado 1:87 5055530136175
    87DP48001 Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Truck Red Q4/2020 £6.95 Dodge B-1B PickUp 1:87 5055530133433
    87ED58007 Snow White/Turquoise Edsel Citation 1958 Q2/2020 £6.95 Edsel Citation 1958 1:87 5055530136243
    87IC59001 Imperial Crown 2 Door Hardtop 1959 Persian Pink Q4/2020 £6.95 Imperial Crown 1959 1:87 5055530133464
    87MU65005 Wimbledon White Ford Mustang Convertible 1965 Q2/2020 £6.95 Ford Mustang 1964 Convertible 1:87 5055530136267
    87PB59004 Regent Black/White Pontiac Bonneville Coupe 1959 Q2/2020 £6.95 Pontiac Bonneville 1959 1:87 5055530136281
    87PC54003 California Highway Patrol Pontiac Chieftain 4 Door 1954 Q2/2020 £6.95 Pontiac Chieftain 1954 1:87 5055530136298
  • Release 3 2019

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD
    Once again it is time to update you with our development plans
    New additions to our release programme for 2019 are listed below.
    Product Description Release Retail Bodyshape Scale Barcode
    1:148 Oxford Agriculture            
    NTRAC003 Fordson Tractor Yellow Highways Dept Q2/2020 £4.95 Fordson Tractor 1:148 5055530133938
    1:148 Oxford Commercials            
    NFT028 Ford Transit Mk5 High Roof Scotrail Q2/2020 £5.55 Ford Transit MK 5 1:148 5055530133778
    1:148 Oxford Emergency            
    NGG002 Green Goddess Glamorgan Fire Service Q2/2020 £7.45 Green Goddess 1:148 5055530128767
    1:148 Oxford Military            
    NLRL004 Land Rover Lightweight Berlin Scheme Q2/2020 £5.95 Land Rover Lightweight 1:148 5055530133792
    1:148 Oxford Omnibus            
    NNR008 New Routemaster East London Transit Q2/2020 £9.95 Routemaster New 1:148 5055530133884
    1:18 Oxford Automobile            
    18HE004 Heinkel Trojan Grecian White Q2/2020 £29.95 Heinkel Trojan/Kabine 1:18 5055530129078
    1:43 Oxford Automobile            
    43RUB004 Austin Ruby Black Q2/2020 £18.95 Austin Ruby 1:43 5055530131064
    1:72 History of Flight            
    72DV008 DH Dove JCB G-ARJB Q2/2020 £37.95 De Havilland Dove 1:72 5055530126565
    1:72 Oxford Aviation            
    AC097 Nakajima Ki-43 50th Group 2nd Squadron 1942 Q2/2020 £15.95 Nakajima Ki-43 1:72 5055530133600
    AC098 Spitfire IXE 443 Sqn. RCAF Q2/2020 £15.95 Spitfire 1:72 5055530133617
    AC099 Grumman Avenger J2490 855 Sqn Hawkinge FAA June 1944 Q2/2020 £15.95 Grumman Avenger 1:72 5055530133624
    1:76 Oxford Sets            
    76SET69 3 Piece Ford Capri Set Mk1/Mk2/Mk3 Q2/2020 £19.95 Sets 1:76 5055530132764
    76SET70 3 Piece Ford Escort Set Mk1/Mk2/XR3i Q2/2020 £19.95 Sets 1:76 5055530132771
    76SET71 3 Piece Land Rover Discovery Set 3/4/5 Q2/2020 £22.95 Sets 1:76 5055530132788
    76SET72 7 Piece Range Rover Set Classic/P38/3rd Gen/Vogue/Evoque/Sport/Velar Q2/2020 £44.95 Sets 1:76 5055530132795
    1:76 Oxford Automobile            
    76AQ002 Audi Quattro Alpine White Q2/2020 £6.45 Audi Quattro 1:76 5055530131378
    76BCGT002 Bentley Continental GT Sport  Q2/2020 £7.95 Bentley Continental GT 1:76 5055530131477
    76CP002 Ford Capri Mk1 Sunset Red  Q2/2020 £6.45 Ford Capri Mk 1 1:76 5055530131637
    76CP003 Aquatic Jade Ford Capri Mk1 Q2/2020 £6.45 Ford Capri Mk 3 1:76 5055530134959
    76CPR002 Sahara Beige Ford Capri Mk2 Q2/2020 £6.45 Ford Capri Mk 3 1:76 5055530134973
    76DIS5004 Namib Orange Land Rover Discovery 5 Q2/2020 £6.75 Land Rover Discovery 5 1:76 5055530135130
    76ESC002 Signal Yellow Ford Escort Mk2 Q2/2020 £6.45 Ford Escort Mk 2 1:76 5055530135178
    76FE002 Ford Escort Mk1 Purple Velvet  Q2/2020 £6.45 Ford Escort Mk 1 1:76 5055530131903
    76HI004 Hillman Imp Middle Blue Q2/2020 £5.95 Hillman Imp 1:76 5055530132047
    76S3002 Audi S3 Cabriolet Mythos Black Q2/2020 £6.45 Audi S3 1:76 5055530132603
    76T4005 VW T4 Westfalia Camper Silver Grey Q2/2020 £6.75 VW T4 1:76 5055530132900
    76T5C003 Sand Beige VW T5 Camper Q2/2020 £6.75 VW T5 1:76 5055530135994
    76TT002 Audi TT Coupe Brilliant Black Q2/2020 £6.45 Audi TT 1:76 5055530133082
    76VA004 Volvo Amazon Dark Blue Q2/2020 £6.45 Volvo Amazon 1:76 5055530133105
    76VP004 Volvo P1800 Teal Blue Q2/2020 £6.45 Volvo P1800 1:76 5055530133174
    1:76 Oxford Commercials            
    76CWT006 Commer Walk Thru Rail Express Parcels Q2/2020 £10.95 Commer Walk Thru 1:76 5055530131705
    76CWT007 Dodge KC Van Royal Mail Q2/2020 £10.95 Commer Walk Thru 1:76 5055530131712
    76MSV001 Mercedes Sprinter Van Stobart Air Q2/2020 £6.95 Mercedes Sprinter 1:76 5055530132320
    76T4006 VW T4 Van AA Q2/2020 £6.75 VW T4 1:76 5055530132917
    76T5V004 VW T5 Van Network Rail Q2/2020 £6.75 VW T5 1:76 5055530132955
    76TR016 Popcorn Mobile Trailer Q2/2020 £9.95 Mobile Trailer 1:76 5055530136045
    76VWS004 VW T1 Van Light Grey Q2/2020 £6.75 Volkswagen Split Screen 1:76 5055530128446
    76VWS005 VW T1 Samba Bus/Surfboards Turquoise/Blue White Q2/2020 £6.75 Volkswagen Split Screen 1:76 5055530129351
    76VWS006 VW T1 Camper Mouse Grey/Pearl White Q2/2020 £6.75 Volkswagen Split Screen 1:76 5055530129368
    1:76 Oxford Construction            
    76LDL002 JCB Loadall Clancy Plant Q2/2020 £25.95 JCB 531 70 Loadall 1:76 5055530134454
    1:76 Oxford Emergency            
    76XF008 Surrey Police Jaguar XF Q2/2020 £6.45 Jaguar XF 1:76 5055530136120
    1:76 Oxford Haulage            
    76MB011 Mercedes Actros GSC Curtainside R T Keedwell Q2/2019 £26.95 Mercedes Actros 1:76 5055530132276
    76SC110004 Walls Ice Cream Scania 110 40ft Box Trailer Q2/2020 £19.95 Scania 110 Box 1:76 5055530135857
    76SCA02LT Scania Houghton Parkhouse Livestock Transporter Ian S Roger Q2/2020 £27.95 Scania 1:76 5055530132689
    76VOL4011 Volvo FH4 GXL Fridge Trailer Gibbs of Fraserburgh Q2/2020 £25.45 Volvo FH 2013 1:76 5055530128354
    1:76 Oxford Military            
    76LR2S007 Land Rover Series II SWB Canvas RAF Police Q2/2020 £6.45 Land Rover Series II 1:76 5055530132191
    76LRL008 Land Rover Lightweight Gulf War Q2/2020 £6.75 Land Rover Lightweight 1:76 5055530132252
    76LRL009 Royal Navy Land Rover Lightweight Q2/2020 £6.75 Land Rover Lightweight 1:76 5055530135543
    1:76 Oxford Omnibus            
    76DC004 Duple Commander II Greenslades Q2/2020 £21.95 Duple Commander 1:76 5055530131750
    76IR6007 Irizar i6 Barnes Coaches Q4/2019 £24.95 Irizar i6 1:76 5055530134300
    76SB006 Saro Bus Trent Q2/2020 £19.95 Saro Bus 1:76 5055530132634
    1:76 Oxford Showtime            
    76BR004 No. 2547 Endurance Burrell 8 NHP DCC Locomotive Q2/2020 £17.95 Burrell 8nhp Locomotive 1:76 5055530134874
    76CWT008 Gerry Cottles Circus Commer Walk Thru Q2/2020 £10.95 Commer Walk Thru 1:76 5055530135017
    1:87 Oxford Commercials            
    87TR016 Popcorn Mobile Trailer Q2/2020 £9.95 Mobile Trailer 1:87 5055530136328
  • Release 2 2019

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD
    1:148 Oxford Agriculture            
    NFDE011 Ford 400E Van Fordson Tractors Q1/2020 £5.65 Ford 400E 1:148 5055530128729
    1:148 Oxford Automobile            
    NMOS006 Morris Minor Saloon Clipper Blue Q4/2019 £4.65 Morris Minor Car 1:148 5055530133853
    1:148 Oxford Commercials            
    NFT024 Ford Transit MK5 Royal Mail Q4/2019 £5.55 Ford Transit MK 5 1:148 5055530128750
    NSDF002 Shelvoke and Drewry Freightlifter British Rail Crimson Q4/2019 £8.45 Shelvoke & Drewry Fork 1:148 5055530128965
    1:148 Oxford Emergency            
    NMA004 Mercedes Ambulance Scottish Ambulance Service Q4/2019 £6.95 Mercedes Ambulance 1:148 5055530133815
    NTRAIL010 Mobile Trailer AA Q4/2019 £5.45 Mobile Trailer 1:148 5055530129047
    1:148 Oxford Haulage            
    NSHL16FR Scania Highline Fridge Trailer Steady Eddie Q1/2020 £14.95 Scania Highline 1:148 5055530133907
    NVOL4007 Volvo FH4 Semi Low Loader Cadzow Q4/2019 £15.95 Volvo FH 1:148 5055530129054
    NVOL4009 Volvo FH4 Semi Low Loader G F Job Q1/2020 £15.95 Volvo FH 1:148 5055530133969
    1:148 Oxford Omnibus            
    NTRAIL014 Mobile Trailer Southdown Q4/2019 £5.75 Mobile Trailer 1:148 5055530133945
    1:43 Oxford Automobile            
    43TIC001 Land Rover Tickford Two Tone Green Q1/2020 £23.95 Land Rover Tickford 1:43 5055530131071
    1:43 Oxford Commercials            
    43CF003 Bedford CF Ice Cream Van/Morrison Mr Softee Q4/2019 £16.95 Bedford CF 1:43 5055530130890
    1:43 Oxford Military            
    43LR3S004 Land Rover Series III SWB Canvas Royal Navy Q4/2019 £16.95 Land Rover Series III 1:43 5055530126350
    1:72 Oxford Aviation            
    AC095 Gloster Meteor 5897M RAF Hednesford Staffs Q4/2019 £19.95 Gloster Meteor 1:72 5055530133587
    AC096 Focke Wulf TA152 Stab JG301 Q4/2019 £14.95 FW Ta152  1:72 5055530133594
    1:76 Coca Cola            
    76T5V003CC VW T5 Van Coca Cola Q4/2019 £6.45 VW T5 1:76 5055530132948
    76VWS008CC VW T1 Bus and Surfboards Coca Cola Q4/2019 £6.75 Volkswagen Split Screen 1:76 5055530130258
    1:76 Oxford Agriculture            
    76PL001 Fowler Plough Blue and Red Q3/2019 £9.95 Plough 1:76 5055530132429
    1:76 Oxford Automobile            
    76BCGT001 Bentley Continental GT Sport  Q1/2020 £7.95 Bentley Continental GT 1:76 5055530131460
    76BSL001 Bentley State Limousine HM The Queen Q1/2020 £8.95 Bentley State Limousine 1:76 5055530131538
    76CRE011 Vauxhall Cresta Versailles Green and Black Q4/2019 £5.95 Vauxhall Cresta 1:76 5055530131651
    76FCC003 Ford Consul Capri Monaco Red and White Q4/2019 £6.25 Ford Consul Capri 1:76 5055530131880
    76FS005 Ford Sierra Sapphire Diamond White Q4/2019 £5.95 Ford Sierra 1:76 5055530131934
    76FZ003 Ford Zodiac MkII Ermine White and Pink Q4/2019 £6.25 Ford Zodiac MkII 1:76 5055530132016
    76HE004 Heinkel Trojan Polar White Q4/2019 £5.95 Heinkel Trojan/Kabine 1:76 5055530132030
    76JCX75003 Jaguar CX75 Caesium Blue Q4/2019 £5.95 Jaguar CX75 1:76 5055530132115
    76JEN005 Jensen 541R Metallic Royal Blue Q4/2019 £5.95 Jensen 541R 1:76 5055530132122
    76MX003 Austin Maxi Harvest Gold Q4/2019 £6.25 Austin Maxi 1:76 5055530132375
    76RREC003 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Fuji White Q4/2019 £6.45 Range Rover Evoque Convertible 1:76 5055530132559
    76RRS004 Range Rover Sport SVR Fuji White Q4/2019 £6.95 Range Rover Sport SVR 1:76 5055530127951
    76SOM003 Austin Somerset Romney Blue Q4/2019 £5.95 Austin Somerset 1:76 5055530132887
    76VEL003 Range Rover Velar SE Silicon Silver Q4/2019 £6.45 Range Rover Velar 1:76 5055530133112
    76XK005 Jaguar XK Stratus Grey Q4/2019 £5.95 Jaguar XK 1:76 5055530128545
    76ZEP012 Ford Zephyr  Black Q4/2019 £5.95 Ford Zephyr 1:76 5055530128576
    1:76 Oxford Commercials            
    76CIT005 Citroen H Catering Van Fish and Chips Q4/2019 £8.45 Citroen H Type 1:76 5055530131606
    76FT035 Ford Transit Mk5 National Grid Q4/2019 £6.45 Ford Transit MK 5 1:76 5055530131965
    76FT3009 Ford Transit MK3 Gentian Blue Q4/2019 £6.25 Ford Transit MK 3 1:76 5055530131972
    76MM061 Morris 1000 Post Office Telephones Yellow Q4/2019 £5.95 Morris Minor Van 1:76 5055530132313
    76PB009 Commer PB Van Pitchford and Miles Q4/2019 £6.25 Commer PB 1:76 5055530132405
    76SHP008 Leyland Sherpa Van Manweb Electricity Q4/2019 £6.95 Sherpa 1:76 5055530128088
    76T4004 VW T4 Van Black Q1/2020 £6.25 VW T4 1:76 5055530128194
    76VWS003 VW T1 Van Dove Blue Q4/2019 £6.45 Volkswagen Split Screen 1:76 5055530128439
    76WM007 Whitby Mondial Ice Cream Van Piccadilly Whip Q4/2019 £6.95 Mercedes Ice Cream 1:76 5055530133259
    SP142 Xmas 2019 Q4/2019 £0.00 Sets 1:76 5055530133297
    1:76 Oxford Haulage            
    76SCL004 Scania Crane Lorry Galt Transport Q4/2019 £19.45 Scania Crane Lorry 1:76 5055530132702
    76TIP005 AEC Ergomatic Tipper London Brick Company Q4/2019 £13.95 AEC Ergo Tipper 1:76 5055530132993
    76TK016 Bedford TK Box Van Macbraynes Q4/2019 £11.95 Bedford TK 1:76 5055530133006
    1:76 Oxford Military            
    76LRFCA003 Land Rover FC Ambulance 24 Field Ambulance Bosnia Q4/2019 £10.95 Land Rover Forward Control 1:76 5055530132238
    76LRL007 Land Rover Lightweight Canvas RAF Police Q4/2019 £6.25 Land Rover Lightweight 1:76 5055530132245
    76SM004 Sherman MkIII 4th and 7th Royal Dragoon Guards France 1944 Q1/2020 £13.95 Sherman Tank 1:76 5055530132849
    76TAC007 TACR2 Royal Navy RNAS Yeovilton Q4/2019 £11.95 TACR2 1:76 5055530132962
    76WMB007 Willys MB USAAF Tunisia 1943 Q1/2020 £5.95 Willy MB 1:76 5055530133273
    76WOT003 Ford WOT 1 Crash Tender RAF Bomber Command Q4/2019 £15.95 Ford WOT1 1:76 5055530133280
    1:76 Oxford Omnibus            
    76BI005 Beadle Integral Thornes of Bubwith Q4/2019 £19.95 Beadle Integral 1:76 5055530131484
    76DC003 Duple Commander II Neath and Cardiff Q4/2019 £19.95 Duple Commander 1:76 5055530131743
    1:76 Oxford Showtime            
    76BR003 Burrell 8nhp DCC Showmans Locomotive No 2342 Vanguard Q4/2019 £16.95 Burrell 8nhp Locomotive 1:76 5055530131521
    76WB001 Water Bowser Alan Sparkes Q3/2019 £8.95 Water Bowser 1:76 5055530133235
    1:87 Oxford Automobile            
    87CE57002 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 1957 Dakota Red Q4/2019 £6.95 Chevrolet Cadillac Eldorado 1:87 5055530133341
    87CH63002 Chevrolet Corvair Coupe 1963 Riverside Red Q4/2019 £6.95 Chevrolet Corvair Coupe 1963 1:87 5055530133358
    87CV50002 Chevrolet Panel Van 1950 Washington DC Police Q4/2019 £6.95 Chevrolet Panel Van 1950 1:87 5055530133402
    87PC54002 Pontiac Chieftain 4 Door 1954 Winter White/Maize Yellow Q4/2019 £6.95 Pontiac Chieftain 1954 1:87 5055530133495
    87SET002 3 Piece 1949 Mercury Set 70th Anniversary Q4/2019 £19.95 Sets 1:87 5055530133525
  • Aston Martin: DB2, 3 & 4

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD

    In 1947 David Brown, a sports car enthusiast, rescued Aston Martin and Lagonda from collapse by taking over both concerns. The Aston Martin sports cars and grand tourers which followed bore his DB initials.


    In 1955 the DB2/4 Mark II was introduced. 199 were built; only 34 of them the new notchback hardtop, and 16 were dropheads. The Mk II had little tailfins on more angular rear wings, Hillman Minx tail lights, more chrome trim and the option of a large-valve 165bhp engine. Three Mark II Spyders were built by Touring in Italy, who later helped to produce the Superleggera body of the DB4. Allemano built a coupe body on a Mk II chassis, and Wacky Arnolt of Chicago ordered eight chassis to be bodied by Bertone, the last time an Aston Martin chassis was sold for special bodies. 


    In 1957 the DB Mark III replaced the DB2/4 Mark II. This car had a new grille design resembling the DB3S. The four seater hatchback body from the previous cars continued, as did the drophead coupe (84 sold), and five fixed head coupes were built as well. It had a new dashboard design, and options of disc brakes, overdrive or automatic transmission (only five buyers chose the latter). The tail fins were altered to fit Humber Hawk rear lights. The 162bhp DBA engine had twin SU carburettors, but more power was available from the 180bhp DBD with triple SUs or the 195bhp DBB with twin three-choke Webers. 551 Mark IIIs were built in all. 


    At the 1958 London Motor Show  a truly great Aston Martin was launched, the DB4, with a new 3.7 litre engine designed by Tadek Marek. It had exciting new Italian styling with superleggera (tube-frame) body design by Touring of Milan, and an egg-crate grille, over a Harold Beach designed chassis. The DB4 was the first car built at the new Newport Pagnell factory, under the control of John Wyer as general manager. Frank Feeley had left the company, as he was unwilling to move to Buckinghamshire. The new engine produced 240bhp when fitted with twin SU carburettors. Suspension was independent at the front, with a live rear axle on coil springs with Watt linkage and rack and pinion steering. The DB4 went through a number of Series, from II to V. The Series IV, from 1961 onwards,  had distinctive bars in the grille, and it was also offered in 266bhp DB4 Vantage form with three SU carburettors. 136 saloons and 32 convertibles were sold with the Vantage engine. From September 1962 the Series V had a longer, taller body, giving more interior space, but smaller wheels reduced the overall height. The new front end treatment on the Series V continued over to the DB5. The DB4 Series V was also available in Vantage form. 70 convertibles were sold in all, and a few factory hardtops were also built. A total of 1,110 DB4s of all types were made. 


    From 1959 the lightweight high performance 302bhp DB4 GT was added, with enclosed headights and a shorter wheelbase. Very few cars had rear seats fitted in the reduced space. The 3.7 litre or 3.8 litre engine had two spark plugs per cylinder, two distributors and three twin-choke Weber carburettors. Its top speed was 153mph. 75 DB4 GTs were built, plus one Bertone Jet, and 20 of the the DB4 GT Zagato. That DB4 GT Zagato was first seen at the 1960 London Motor Show, its sleek low body with short overhangs styled by Ercole Spada at Zagato. Its 314bhp engine gave a top speed of 154 mph. Production of 25 cars was planned, but only 20 were sold, making this car one of the rarest Aston Martins. The DB4 GT Zagato came third on it first race at Goodwood in 1961, driven by Stirling Moss. Two Zagatos, registered 1 VEV and 2 VEV entered Le Mans in 1961, but both cars retired, though they had minor successes later in the year. Zagatos participated again at Le Mans in 1962 and 1963. 


    In 1991, four unused chassis numbers were applied to DB4 chassis which were bodied by Zagato as Works Approved Replicas called the Sanction II cars. Zagato had two more bodyshells, so in 1992 permission was granted to make two more Sanction III Zagato Coupes, completed in 2000. A number of other Zagato replicas have been privately built. 


    Aston Martin Review and Scale Models Available From Here

    Extract from Auto Review 057 Aston Martin - available from Oxford Diecast at £5.95 plus postage


  • Vauxhall: The PA Velox and the FB Victor

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD

    I have been out on the road a lot in the last few weeks, and saw a Cresta parked up in a service station, several people were looking it over. So I thought as I have 20 minutes free I would post this little update, with the help of Rods' Vauxhall Album from the Auto Review series, 

    The Vauxhall PA Velox

    New for 1957 were the six-cylinder PA Velox and Cresta. The body stying was again US-influenced, with various Buick and Pontiac features scaled down into a harmonious design, influenced by Gerald Palmer, who had scaled down US designs for his previous car projects. Its wrap-around glass, long tail fins and abundant chrome produced an iconic design of its period. The large rear window was made in three sections, later replaced by one piece of curved glass. Proponents of more staid British cars disliked the PA’s candy colours, optional whitewall tyres and a grinning chrome grille. But others saw it as an exciting flash of American style in dull, grey 1950s Britain. The PA was not ‘smart’; your solicitor would never be seen in one, but it was flashy; pop singers loved them (Don Lang of ‘Frantic Five’ fame was an early owner). The PA had the 2262cc ohv engine and three speed gearbox from the E-type, plus independent coil spring front suspension and an anti-roll bar with a rigid axle and semi elliptic leaf springs at the rear. It had bench seats, fitted carpet and a heater as standard. Options included a radio, exterior mirrors, fog lamps, a reversing light, and two tone paintwork. The Cresta was better equipped than the Velox, and had two tone paintwork, but was otherwise mechanically similar. The PA could reach almost 90mph, at 25mpg (not seen as poor consumption at the time) and cost over £1000 including tax. In February 1959 the two millionth Vauxhall was made, a PA Cresta.  The PA was facelifted in October 1959 with an enlarged grille (it looked as if the original grille had been turned upside down), a single curved rear window replaced the three piece design, and overdrive was an optional extra. In 1960 the engine grew to 2.6 litres, and Hydramatic automatic transmission was offered as an option. Higher performance was now demanded, and the PA could reach almost 95mph with its new engine. Every Luton-built PA was a four door saloon, but from 1960 Friary of Basingstoke offered a factory-approved conversion to produce the PA estate car. There were optional separate front seats and disc brakes from 1961, and the PA stayed in production until 1962. The PA helped Vauxhall reach two million sales. 

     Above Image: PA Velox in Red

    Above Image: PA Velox Late Type Black DT

     Above Image: Velox-Cresta PA pink

    Extract from Auto Review 049 Vauxhall Album - available from Oxford Diecast at £5.95 plus postage. 32 packed pages.

     Vauxhall Auto Review and Scale Models Available Here

    The Vauxhall FB Victor

    In 1961 the FB Victor was announced, with smoother and more balanced lines than its F-type predecessor. It came as the standard version, Super, De Luxe or estate car, each with the 56bhp 1508cc four cylinder engine. The faster VX Four-Ninety (soon shortened to VX4/90) had twin carbs and a higher compression ratio, increasing the power output by 44%. It also had disc brakes to all four wheels, optional on other Victors. In 1963, the engine grew to 1594cc, giving 69bhp, the VX 4/90 version now capable of over 90mph. A four speed all-synchro box with floor change was now fitted. Many Vauxhall fans think this was the best-balanced of the five Victor designs, and it sold well in the UK and overseas, though US sales were killed by GM’s new home-grown compacts. By 1964 328,642 FBs had been sold. 

    Above Image: Vauxhall Victor FB De Luxe 2 tone

    Above Image: Vauxhall Victor FB Estate

    Above Image: Vauxhall Victor FB De Luxe

    Extract from Auto Review 049 Vauxhall Album - available from Oxford Diecast at £5.95 plus postage