Why do we have two different colour canvases on the 1:43rd scale Land Rover Series 1?

It is because we went to Gaydon to colour match the canvas of HUE 166, which we thought was an excellent idea. However it was 2007 and we did colour match the canvas, but 2008 was the 60th anniversary of Land Rover and guess what someone decided to replace the canvas. We had matched to the weathered canvas, but the new restored canvas (which took place after our visit) was a different shade. We launched the LAN180001 with the faded canvas and the LAN180001P with the darker canvas, but only because I had already made the wrong colour canvas at the factory(or the right colour depending on your position).

The 76LAN180001, the smaller version is one of the most popular Land Rovers we have released in our diecast vehicle range, as it was the 1st Land Rover it has special place in history.