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British 0-6-0 Locomotives GWR Models collectable or toy

British 0-6-0 Locomotive Models & More

Our British 0-6-0 Locomotive Models are great for any model railway enthusiast. If you have been researching how to build a model railway recently, you will love our GWR Models. 

British 0-6-0 Locomotive Models

The Great Western Railway (GWR) or Dean Goods Class is a class of British 0-6-0 steam locomotives. The 0-6-0 was the most widely used wheel arrangement for both tender and tank steam locomotives. It was also widely used for diesel switchers (shunters). The lack of unpowered leading wheels gives 0-6-0s high tractive effort, making them strong for their size, weight and fuel consumption. However, they are less stable at speed than other types of locomotives, so they are mostly used on trains where speed is unnecessary.


British 0-6-0 Locomotives GWR Models

GWR Models

The 1:76 GWR Models are a collection of finely-crafted, detailed replicas of the engines that made British railways famous. These models are perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, and those who simply love trains. Each model has a unique story behind it, making it truly special. The people who make these models take great pride in their work, and it shows in every detail. You'll be able to see the attention that has been paid to each individual part of the locomotive. Enjoy browsing through our GWR Models today.

GWR Models William Dean
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