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In 1909 Henry Frederick Stanley (HFS) Morgan built a single-seater three-wheeler car called the Morgan Runabout. Morgan's clergyman father invested a large sum of money into the business so that HFS could go into production, patenting his car design in 1910. A new factory was built in 1919. The Morgan was the first and best car of its type; a tubular chassis, sketchy two seater bodywork, a choice of V-twin engines up to 1000cc and independent front suspension. rnThe Grand Prix model was made from 1913 to 1926, followed by the 'Aero'. 1920s Morgans were Sports or Standard models, with engines by JAP or MAG. The slightly larger four-seater Family Runabout sold well. The three-wheeler market diminished when cheap and reliable small four-wheelers such as the Austin 7 took sales, so the F-type Morgan was produced; a 'proper car' but with only three wheels instead of four, and a Ford engine. In 1936 Morgan added the four-wheeler Morgan 4-4 (later 4/4). After the war the range included Ford-engined three-wheelers and the 4/4, with a 1267cc Standard engine. In 1949 the larger Plus 4 appeared, with a Standard Vanguard 1.8 litre engine. In 1954 the Plus 4 was restyled with a new cowled front. The 4/4 Series IV of 1961 had a 1340cc Ford engine, replaced in 1963 by the 4/4 Series V with the Cortina 116E engine. From 1968 the 4/4 had Ford or Fiat engines. In 2003 a new 4/4 was launched, the Runabout. Back in 1966 Rover suggested a takeover, but instead Morgan used the Rover V8 engine in a new car, the highly successful Plus 8, announced in 1968, and not discontinued until 2004. 2000 saw the launch of the Aero 8 supercar, followed by the AeroMax coupe. To replace the Plus 8, a new traditional-looking Morgan was produced for buyers who didn't like, or couldn't afford, the Aero 8, called the Roadster, with a Ford Mondeo V6 three litre engine. In 2102 a new Morgan Plus 8 was launched with a 4.8 litre BMW engine in the original Plus 8 body.
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