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About Oxford Diecast and Oxford Rail

Oxford Diecast is a leading British Company that supplies diecast vehicles and railway products to the collector, gift, hobby and promotional markets. Started in 1993 Oxford has a collectors club with worldwide membership and subsidiaries companies in China and North America.

Oxford Diecast continues to develop new product at an incredible rate at around 400/500 new products a year.

Our aim is to compete in all sectors of the diecast market, in all scales and in all countries. Our recent entry into the railway market has drawn a lot of attention and we have more ranges already in development for future expansion.

On the 1st October 2017, Eloise Davies, the daughter of Lyndon Davies was appointed as the Managing Director of Oxford Diecast Ltd.

Eloise started on the Production lines of the Corgi (Mettoy factories) at the age of 2, whilst Taff was reorganising the business. She spent time at the factory on her Saturdays doing her early homework, vacuum forming. At just 14, she visited the factories in China and at 18 she started intensive training throughout the Oxford business. At 22 she took over the responsibilities for product licencing and a few years later the Operations and the organisation of the UK and International Toy shows.

Lyndon Davies, Chairman (pictured 2014)

Lyndon Davies, Managing Director