Orders can be placed online, by phone or by post. The UK Postal address for orders is:

Oxford Diecast Ltd, PO Box 363, Southampton S014 0TJ

As well as accepting sterling cheques we accept Euro cheques (over 50 euros) and US$ cheques (over 50 dollars).

Postage Charges (Non Members)

The postage charges for non members are:

Order Value UK Europe USA Rest of World
£0.00 - £19.99 £2.95 £4.45 £5.45 £6.45
£20.00 & Over £4.95 £5.95 £6.95 £6.95


Please allow 3-5 working days from despatch for delivery. Allow 28 days before claiming. 


If you choose to join the club you will receive any multi-purchase discounts at the time of ordering, by selecting the membership level you want and adding it to your order. 



Discounts are done automatically when the order is placed on line. If you order via our sales line, you should advise our sales team at the commencement of order placement to receive the discount. If you apply by post, you can calculate the discount and deduct from your payment, remembering to include the club membership cost. The membership starts at the day of joining and runs for one year. Towards the end of your membership year we will send out a renewal notice.

The Globe newsletter is issued 11/12 times per year and is sent out by post. It can also be viewed online: VIEW SAMPLE

The Oxford Review is issued once a year - OXFORD REVIEW MAGAZINE


Multi-purchasing (4 for 3).

Included in this are all single models across the Oxford, Cararama and Triang ranges. The only exclusions are sets of vehicles, which normally have a special price anyway. The 4 for 3 purchasing is available at all times and in whatever quantities you want. The multi-purchasing includes all stock items, non stock items cannot be included.


Postage Costs (Club Members)

UK Members £2.96 for all orders.

European Members £5.95 for all orders.

United States Members £6.95 for all orders.

Outside Europe Members £6.95 for all orders.


Christmas Model

This is sent out to you over the Christmas/New Year.



You can renew your membership each year online: