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Oxford Diecast By Scale

For some, the scale of models is important and for other its not, it really depends on your objectives for wanting the item. If for example you are creating a railway layout then it is important that the scale of the model vehicles match the scale of the buildings and surrounding scenery. Sometimes collectors are looking at the theme, they are not worried about the size, it is about the subject matter itself. Maybe a particular car brand, e.g Land Rover, or a company such as the AA (Automobile Association). For gifts the size of the model is normally irrelevant - if a friend likes VW Campers then the size does not matter.

Scale is just about how much smaller it is than the real thing. A Ford Cortina MKIII saloon is 167 inches long (4241mm) so - a 1:76 scale Oxford Diecast model is 76 times smaller around 2.2 inches (55-56mm). On the real Cortina differences in the spec can change things - length -different bumpers,height tyre pressures and width body trims. However these are minor things and placing vehicles together in the Oxford Diecast range gives a correct look. Popular scales for models are as follow:

OO - 1:76 Scale - All types of vehicles

HO -1:87 - All types of vehicles

O -1:43  - Cars for collectors and for railway layouts all vehicles (O varies between 1:43.5 and 1:48 at this size

N - 1:148 - This is British N scale - all vehicles. In Europe and US, N refers to a scale of 1:160 and in Japan 1:150. At this size all interpretations of scale tend to be inter-mixed.

1:72 - A traditional scale for Aviation, also some cars

1:50 - Construction Plant and some older buses

1:38 - Toys

1:64 - Toys

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