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The 1970's

During the 1970's four manufacturing groups dominated the British Industry - Ford, Vauxhall (GM), British Leyland Motor Corporation (now virtually nationalised to become BL) and Chrysler (who were sold to Peugeot). The consolidation of the 1960's had created inefficiencies for the latter two companies with the duplication of models across different marques. It created a need to decrease the inefficiencies through restructuring which in turn led to industrial disputes and strikes. This coincided with the emergence of stronger more efficient overseas competition - Datsun (Nissan), Volkswagen and Renault.

The first Range Rover was launched and the arrival of Japanese manufacturing with the Honda who formed a partnership with BL to manufacture the Triumph Acclaim/Honda Ballade.

British vehicles from this time included - Ford Cortina, Ford Escort, Mini, Morris Marina, Vauxhall Viva, Austin Morris 1100/1300, Austin Allegro, Ford Capri, Hillman Avenger and Austin Maxi

British Leyland Marques - Triumph, Standard, Rover-Land, Austin, Vanden Plas, Morris, MG, Wolseley, Riley, Austin-Healey, Daimler,Jaguar.

Rootes Group Marques (Chrysler) - Hillman, Humber, Sunbeam, Singer, Talbot, Commer and Karrier.

Oxford Diecast has examples of some of these marques in its model car range, some being represented across different scales.


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