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Land Rover Model Cars Set 76SET44

Land Rover Model Cars Set 76SET44

Explore the world of vintage off-road vehicles with our Oxford Diecast 5 Piece Land Rover Set. This collection combines five exquisite 1:76 scale models, offering a captivating journey through the evolution of one of the most iconic car brands.


Land Rover Model Cars Set Product Specifications

Our 5 Piece Land Rover Set comes in the universal 1:76 scale and features a colourful variety of Land Rover models, each with its unique design elements. Each model embodies the spirit and design philosophy of its real-world counterpart, complete with detailed interiors, accurate colours, and faithful reproductions of the original logos.


land rover model car set for show

Unboxing the History of Land Rover Model Cars Set 

With each model in our Land Rover Set, you're unboxing a piece of automobile history. From the rugged Defender used in rural areas to the classy Discovery adapted for the urban jungle, this set offers a unique perspective on Land Rover's rich legacy and diverse range of vehicles.


Land Rover Model Cars Set is Perfect For Collectors

This set is an absolute treasure for model car collectors and Land Rover enthusiasts alike. With five different models, you can experience the joy of owning a comprehensive set of Land Rovers, each with its unique story, packed in one compact collection.


Land rover model car set for birthday gift


Land Rover Model Cars Set offers Detailed Craftsmanship

The intricate detailing in each model in our Land Rover Set is a testament to Oxford Diecast's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. From the subtle curves of the car bodies to the precision in the printed details, each piece captures the essence of the original vehicle in stunning accuracy.


diecast model land rover for sale online

Land rover Model Car Set User Reviews

  1. Review by James P., Oxford:

    "I am absolutely thrilled with the 5 Piece Land Rover Set from Oxford Diecast. The attention to detail in each model is truly impressive. Every Land Rover model is captured brilliantly in a small 1:76 scale. The models have definitely become the crown jewels of my collection. Highly recommended for any model car collector!"

  2. Review by Sarah W., Bristol:

    "The Oxford Diecast 5 Piece Land Rover Set is a fantastic trip down memory lane. Each model reflects a different era and style of the Land Rover brand, and it's quite a spectacle having them all together. Excellent quality and well worth the price!"


land rover model car collectors item



Land Rover Model Car Set FAQs

  1. What scale are the models in the 5 Piece Land Rover Set?

    "Each model in the 5 Piece Land Rover Set is made in the 1:76 scale. This scale is perfect for showcasing the detailed craftsmanship of each model while being compact enough to display anywhere."

  2. What models are included in the set?

    "The set includes five distinct models from Land Rover's rich history, reflecting the diversity and evolution of the brand."

  3. What is the shipping policy for the set?

    "We offer standard shipping across the UK, with options for expedited shipping available. Please refer to our shipping policy page for detailed information."

  4. What is the return policy if I am not satisfied with the set?

    "Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not satisfied with the set, you can return it within 30 days of purchase in its original packaging. Please visit our Returns Policy page for more details."

  5. Can I purchase models from the set individually?

    "At the moment, the models are available as part of the 5 Piece Land Rover Set. We do, however, have a wide range of individual Land Rover models available. Please browse our collection to find your preferred model."


Add the Oxford Diecast 5 Piece Land Rover Set to Your Collection Today!


Don't wait to start or expand your collection with this exclusive 5 Piece Land Rover Set. Click 'Add to Cart' to bring home these miniature versions of automotive history today!


classic land rover model car set for sale
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