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Unique Mini Car Models

Unique Mini Car Models

There's a story behind every Mini, and Oxford Diecast takes this to heart with our playful and distinctive 1:43 scale models. These aren't just collectable items but narrators of life's unexpected, quirky moments.

Meet Our Quirky Mini Car Models: Perfect Gifts for Life's Unexpected Moments 

We proudly present the Oxford Diecast "You Have Been Nicked" and "Just Divorced" Mini Cars, two unique models that add a humorous spin to any model car collection.
Our "You Have Been Nicked" Mini is a cheeky nod to the misadventures we sometimes find ourselves in. Rendered in eye-catching Turquoise Blue with a contrasting white roof and black chassis, this model captures attention with its standard Mini wheels and the hilarious registration plate - UR N1KD! The real kicker? A Penalty Notice humorously stuck to the windscreen. This model will inject fun into your collection, presented in bespoke packaging featuring a lively cartoon of a Traffic Warden and an overheated offender.

On the other hand, our "Just Divorced" Mini Car aims to cheer up those navigating life-changing experiences. Painted in vibrant yellow with a white roof and red interior, the car's standard wheels are complemented by upbeat graffiti-style lettering that playfully proclaims the model's status. The broken shackles on the roof symbolise newfound freedom, and its bespoke packaging adds a touch of charm, making it a well-meaning gift to lift spirits.

Join us in celebrating life's twists and turns with these unique Mini Car Models. They're not just models. They're conversation starters, ready to add a dash of humour and colour to your collection!

Unique Mini Car Models boxed collectors gift


Detailed Specifications of Our Unique Mini Car Models


Oxford Diecast "You Have Been Nicked" Mini - 1:43 Scale

Experience the thrill of a light-hearted chase with our unique 1:43 scale "You Have Been Nicked" Mini model. Detailed specifications include:

  • Scale: 1:43, a popular scale for car models, offers a good balance between size and detail.
  • Colour Scheme: Striking Turquoise Blue body with a contrasting white roof and black chassis.
  • Special Features: A quirky registration plate reading UR N1KD and a Penalty Notice on the windscreen.
  • Packaging: This model comes in special cartoon-drawn packaging depicting a lively scene featuring a Traffic Warden and an offending motorist, accentuating the model's playful theme.

Oxford Diecast "Just Divorced" Mini - 1:43 Scale

Celebrate the highs and lows of life with our vibrant 1:43 scale "Just Divorced" Mini model. The critical details of this model are:

  • Scale: 1:43, ensuring significant detailing while fitting comfortably in your hand or display cabinet.
  • Colour Scheme: Bright yellow body with a white roof and contrasting red interior make this model an eye-catching piece in any collection.
  • Special Features: Graffiti-style lettering and broken shackles on the roof symbolise a journey towards newfound freedom.
  • Packaging: Bespoke packaging enhances the model's presentation, making it a memorable gift to cheer up a friend.

With their distinctive themes and attention to detail, these models capture the essence of Oxford Diecast's commitment to quality, authenticity, and fun. Whether you're a collector or a gift giver, these unique Mini Car Models are designed to spread joy and spark conversations.


Unique Mini Car Models for your collection at home on sale


Unparalleled Features and Unique Points


Oxford Diecast "You Have Been Nicked" Mini - 1:43 Scale

Our "You Have Been Nicked" Mini Car Model brings a distinctive twist to the classic Mini aesthetic. This model is all about charm and wit, thanks to its unique features:

  • Humorous Design: The tongue-in-cheek design, complete with a cheeky number plate reading "UR N1KD" and a Penalty Notice on the windscreen, injects a dose of fun into any collection or display.
  • Cartoon-Drawn Packaging: This model isn't just about the car; the packaging also tells a story. The cartoon-drawn box depicts a traffic warden and a surprised motorist, taking the product's humour to a new level.

Oxford Diecast "Just Divorced" Mini - 1:43 Scale

Our "Just Divorced" Mini Car Model captures a complex life experience with a dash of humour and optimism. The unique points of this model are:

  • Empowering Theme: Life isn't always easy, and this model acknowledges that with a message of resilience. The graffiti-style lettering and the symbolic broken shackles on the roof create a bold statement of liberation.
  • Bright and Cheery Design: Painted in bright yellow with a contrasting white roof and red interior, this model can lighten the mood and be a token of brighter days ahead.
  • Bespoke Packaging: The special packaging makes the "Just Divorced" Mini an ideal gift for a friend going through a life-changing experience, transforming it into a well-meaning gesture of support.

At Oxford Diecast, we understand that a model car is more than a mere object; it expresses character, a storyteller, and a symbol of resilience. Our humorous and themed Mini Car Models are designed to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and create memorable moments.

Unique Mini Car Models you've been nicked


Gifting Ideas for Our Humorous Mini Car Models


Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or a "just because" moment, our Oxford Diecast Mini Car Models make unforgettable gifts, with their distinctive designs and humorous themes, they're perfect for an array of occasions:

Oxford Diecast "You Have Been Nicked" Mini - 1:43 Scale

This witty model car is a fantastic gift for anyone who appreciates a good joke or has a fondness for the iconic Mini:

  • For a Mini Enthusiast: Know someone who loves the classic Mini? This unique model is sure to put a smile on their face.
  • As a Funny Birthday Gift: Birthdays should be filled with laughter. Give the "You Have Been Nicked" Mini to someone with a great sense of humour on their special day.
  • A Gift for Law Enforcement Personnel: Got a friend or family member in law enforcement? This model, with its cheeky traffic citation, could be a hit!

Oxford Diecast "Just Divorced" Mini - 1:43 Scale

The "Just Divorced" Mini offers a lighthearted way to show support during a challenging time:

  • For a Newly Divorced Friend: If a friend is going through a divorce, this model car can provide a humorous way to show your support and encourage them to see the positive side of their life-changing experience.
  • As a Keepsake: The "Just Divorced" Mini is more than a model car; it symbolises liberation and a new beginning. It could be a perfect keepsake to commemorate the start of a new chapter.

Remember, the best gifts tell a story or share a sentiment. These Mini Car Models are more than mere collectables; they're tokens of shared laughter, support, and memorable moments.


Unique Mini Car Models


Hear It From Our Happy Customers


We don't just love our Oxford Diecast Mini Car Models – our customers adore them too! Check out these real reviews and testimonials from people who've purchased and enjoyed the "You Have Been Nicked" and "Just Divorced" Minis:

"You Have Been Nicked" Mini

"I got this for my dad, a retired police officer, on his birthday, and he loved it! The level of detail is outstanding, and the humorous touch made his day." - Jake, Leeds

"As an avid Mini collector, this 'You Have Been Nicked' Mini was a unique addition to my collection. The colour combination, detail and packaging – it's all top-notch!" - Molly, Bristol

"Just Divorced" Mini

"A friend gifted me the 'Just Divorced' Mini after my divorce was finalised. Initially, I was taken aback, but it made me smile and helped lighten the situation. The car sits on my desk now as a reminder of a new beginning." - David, Manchester

"Bought the 'Just Divorced' Mini as a cheeky present for a friend. Safe to say, she loved it and had a good laugh. The packaging and quality of the car model are brilliant." - Lucy, Birmingham

We invite you to add your stories and memories to our growing list of satisfied customers. And remember, every review helps us continue to deliver high-quality products and better service!


unique mini cars models


Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Cars Models 

Navigating the world of model car collecting can be filled with questions. We've compiled some of the most commonly asked queries about our 'You Have Been Nicked' and 'Just Divorced' Minis to guide your purchase decision.

1. What scale are these Mini models? 

The 'You Have Been Nicked' and 'Just Divorced' Minis are modelled at a 1:43 scale, making them compact yet detailed additions to any collection.

2. What's unique about these Mini car models? 

Our 'You Have Been Nicked' and 'Just Divorced' Minis are not just model cars but tiny packets of humour and nostalgia. With their cheeky design and high level of detailing, these models make a fantastic gift for car lovers, model collectors, or those who appreciate a good laugh.

3. What is your shipping policy? 

We ship our products across the UK and worldwide. You can find more details about our shipping policies here.

4. What if I need more than my purchase? We strive to ensure all our customers are happy with their purchases. However, if you're unsatisfied, refer to our returns policy here.

5. Can I gift these models directly to someone else? Absolutely! The 'You Have Been Nicked' and 'Just Divorced' Minis come in unique, eye-catching packaging, making them ideal for gifting. You can even add a personal message at checkout, and we'll ship it directly to the recipient.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help you make the most out of your model car collecting experience!


Take Home These Unique Mini Models Today! 


Bring fun and quirkiness to your collection with our 'You Have Been Nicked' and 'Just Divorced' Minis. Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply a fan of unique, conversation-starting pieces, these Mini models are just the ticket!

Don't just admire them here; make these standout Mini models yours or gift them to a friend who'll appreciate their humour and charm. Act fast and click the 'Add to Cart' button to ensure you get all these whimsical models. Your collection will thank you!


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