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Life moves on.

Life moves on.


Not everything in life lasts forever, but Oxford Diecast does.

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Rob Barclay - September 14, 2021

Dear Taff
I loved the article on your collecting car brochures. I used to do the same in Edinburgh as a kid in the mid and late 60’s. Unfortunately I no longer have them. Some trivia for you, in the early 60’s my mother worked for a toy distributor in Edinburgh and each time a new release came out from Corgi or Dinky she would bring me two home. One to play with and one to keep. Very far-sighted.
Many of those cars are still in the family although they have been used they still bring back great memories of that era.
As for a choice of car. Two cars from the 60’s spring to mind. A Ford Anglia 105E (my first car) or at the other end a Bristol 407.


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