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Oxford Diecast Top Ten Products for 2023!

Oxford Diecast Top Ten Products for 2023!

In this post we unveil the most sought-after products of the year 2023! As we reflect on the past year, we're thrilled to showcase the top ten items that captured the hearts and minds of our customers. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your next purchase or simply curious about the hottest items of the year, we invite you to explore our curated selection and discover what made these products stand out from the rest.


1. 76AMT001 - Alexander M Type Scottish 1:76

View other Alexander M Types In Stock

2. 76MST001 - Austin Maestro Targa Red 1:76


3. 120OB001 - Bedford OB Coach British Rail 1:120 TT Range

4. 76K2001 - RASC Katy Western Desert Austin K2 Ambulance 1:76

5. 120LAN2001 - Land Rover Series 2 LWB Hard Top British Rail  1:120

6. 120AT001 - Austin Low Loader Taxi Black 1:120

7. 120MH003 - Scammell Mechanical Horse Flat Trailer GWR 1:120

8. 120MM059 - Morris 1000 British Rail 1:120

9. 76K2002 - 51st Highland Division 1944 Austin K2 Ambulance 1:76

10. 76DS1001 - Land Rover Discovery 1 Foxfire 1:76 

Land Rover Discovery 1 also available in 1:43 - View Here

So there we have it, the top TEN! It is interesting to see so many of one of the newest ranges we offer, Oxford TT in 1:120! Read more about this range here : Oxford TT

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Andrew Smith - March 9, 2024

Hi all ,love the m type bus, I’ve been collecting 30yrs ,1.76 buses ,am glad its been a success, I’ve bought all 3 so far ,hopefully this will give you inspiration to do another modernish bus ,like a double decker maybe?a dennis dominated,or on them lines ?best regards andrew

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