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Oxford Rail Update March 2024

Oxford Rail Update March 2024

For those of you who attended Warley Model Rail Show in November 2023, will know that we featured some first shots of the J26. We also had a 3D print of the much anticipated Cowans & Sheldon 15t Crane. Here we are updating you on the progress of development. .


Current Stage

We have just finalised the CAD for our tooling amendments and we are now looking forward to receiving new samples. We have reworked this product to ensure that it is produced accurately to a high standard.

Once we have received the latest samples, we will make any necessary amendments before moving to production.

Below – 3D render of all four versions of the J26, (Left to right OR76J26001, OR76J26002, OR76J26003 and OR76J26004).

Product Updates

There are the 4 standard versions and 4 Sound Fitted versions we will be releasing Q4 2024 (estimated date)

From our original announcement Version 001, we have amended the tooling and changed variant name. We have also announced version 004, an NER version.


OR76J26001 LNER (plain black) 1057 0-6-0 Class J26 £129.95 *description and tooling amendment
OR76J26001XS LNER (plain black) 1057 Class J26 Sound Fitted £229.95 *description and tooling amendment
OR76J26002 BR Early (plain black) 65767 0-6-0 Class J26  £129.95  
OR76J26002XS BR Early (plain black) 65767 0-6-0 Class J26  Sound Fitted £229.95  
OR76J26003 BR Late (plain black) 65736 0-6-0 Class J26  £129.95  
OR76J26003XS BR Late (plain black) 65736 0-6-0 Class J26  Sound Fitted £229.95  
OR76J26004 NER P2 (lined black) 1678 0-6-0 Class J26 £129.95 NEW livery announced
OR76J26004XS NER P2 (lined black) 1678 0-6-0 Class J26 Sound Fitted £229.95 NEW livery announced


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Current Stage

The crane is currently undergoing some major changes for the new mechanism, also CAD development has started on the now included match truck. There is still a lot of work to do on this but we’re still pushing for a 2024 release!


Warranty Updates

We have taken on board your feedback

We understand the importance of feeling secure when investing in high-value items. That's why we're excited to announce that we've extended the warranty on all our future locomotive products from the original one year to an extended three-year coverage.

This enhancement is our commitment to your peace of mind.

Our dedicated team will work diligently to either replace or repair your locomotive promptly. Even beyond the warranty period, our commitment to customer satisfaction remains steadfast. We're always ready to assist with repairs in any way we can. For full details on our extended warranty policy, please visit our website here

Show your Interest!

Our aim is to produce product to market demand, and we have estimated numbers that we think will reflect that. Sometimes, we don’t quite hit the mark and stock is exhausted quicker than we anticipated.

If you are interested in any of the items and want to ensure you are first to know about their release to market, please follow the links on this article and enter your email next to the item to be notified when this is in stock.  Once the stock is gone, we expect that we will not re run this item.


Image : Next to each future item on our website you can enter your email to be notified once available.

Check out our Current Oxford Rail Product Here

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Raymond Bulman - May 25, 2024

Very interested and wating for LMS Crane project. Also waiting for the LNER J26

Stuart Levett - April 19, 2024

We need more British 1/43 scale trucks. 1940,s to 90,s. All producers make American and European trucks in this scale but no British. (there are a few Ixo ) in 1950,s 60,s 70.s there was an abundance of British manufacturers, loads of subject matter. Many thanks Stuart Levett

Chris Marshall - March 31, 2024

Stamina is what ultimately enables us to win our individual ‘wars’… one battle at a time.
All the very best to you Taff, and keep on fighting.
All the best from Bumble

Alan Featonby - March 30, 2024

Please keep me updated re: Class J26’s plus the Crane and match truck.

Many thanks.

Best regards to Taff.


david White - March 16, 2024

Interested in both J26 and crane but unable to assess show interest field

trevor pattinson - March 15, 2024

the J27 fist class engine no wonder it is scarce on eBay first class

Alec Revitt - March 15, 2024

Very interested in the crane. Unfortunately was unable to register my interest because the link did not work

Peter Thomas Smith - March 15, 2024

As a modeller of the Great Central and Great Northern in the East Midlands a J6 0-6-0 would be a welcome addition to my fleet of loco’s as they were a common sight on Derby to Grantham passenger services and many other duties.

Roger G - March 15, 2024

Really interested in the CRANE project

David Fielding - March 14, 2024

Any new items planned?

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