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Taffs Ramblings

Taffs Ramblings

You know that old saying about a double decker bus, it goes something like 'You wait ages for one, and then three come along all at the same time' It's a bit like that at Oxford this month, with the Land Rover Discovery 1 and Discovery 2 at 1:76 scale releasing at the same time. As many of you know I love Land Rovers and a few years back I said that we had to cover all of the Land Rovers ever made. As time goes on it is getting tougher to release anything new, the range has grown rapidly over the years. The Discovery 2 launched 25 years ago in 1998 which is why we chose to launch it this year (he says with crossed fingers........).

I wanted to scan the Land Rover catalogue for both variants, to add to the product pages I have a large collection of these. Whilst searching through the boxes I came across a Series III brochure with the garage name printed on the rear page.

Series III Brochure - Taff Oxford

Series III Land Rover Brochure

I have fond memories of visiting the garages in Swansea during my younger years, this brochure coming from Fletchers who were on Carmarthen Road - just a few miles down the road from where I live today. Being short of cash I started selling older brochures from when I was about 12 years old, my biggest sale was to a Belgium collector, around £25 in 1973.

76DS1001 Land Rover Oxford Diecast Ltd

76DS1001 Land Rover Discovery 1

The 76 scale models are really nice which got me thinking.......

76LRD2001 Land Rover Discovery 1

76LRD2001 Land Rover Discovery 1

I have more time on my hands nowadays and I have to keep myself busy as that is in my DNA. I commissioned a layout around a month or so ago, which I plan to take to odd shows So I thought, why don't I take the Land Rovers into the warehouse and photograph them on my new layout "to bring them alive". I should add that I am a whiz with graphics and all things computers, but I am absolutely useless at photography, probably the worst on the planet.

Anyway this is the best I came up with.

76LRD2001 AND 76DS1001

The worst was this below! I was trying to make it dark, but without much success!

Just to excite you further, this is my layout, at least threequarters of it, as I did not get the angle correct!

Taff Layout Oxford Diecast

So yes I do need to go on a photography course. I'd also like to create a new layout and would appreciate your thoughts on what you feel would be a worthy theme. You can add to this blog, but frustratingly I cannot answer your messages...... So if you do respond don't feel that you have not been heard - you have.

If you'd like to see more on the Land Rovers released this month here are the links, including some catalogue scans

76 Scale Discovery 1 Foxfire

76 Scale Discovery 2 Epsom Green

43 Scale Discovery 1 Foxfire

43 Scale Discovery 3 Bronze Green

Talk again soon.



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Mike - June 4, 2023

Good article.How about a model of the ‘’Death in Paradise’’ police 110??

Jim Philip - June 2, 2023

What about 1/43 Maestro? Or generally more 1/43 cars and commercials.

Oliver Pearcey - May 29, 2023

My first diecast land Rover was a Dinky model of the Mersey Tunnel Police Series One. I would love to see this done by Oxford. And any chance of tackling some of the experimental vehicles – the Land Rover based half track for example?

Pat - May 23, 2023

Marvy layout ÷ how about some US jeeps in n scale then? (CJ÷8 please…)

John Quilter - May 23, 2023

More details and photos on my earlier post about Leyland Sherpa conversions, in MAR here:

John Quilter - May 23, 2023

As one who has pretty much the history of Land Rover/Range Rover from the beginning to now, all in 43rd scale, I’m hoping for a 43rd version of the latest current Range Rover but maybe that is left to those who do promotional models of the new vehicles?
Now Barry Simpson’s comment about a J2 Pickup got me thinking I should just built one from a van. This type work is my specialty, already done a Universal Hobbies Sherpa into a mini bus and pickup.
John Quilter
Eugene Oregon USA

Pete Abbott - May 23, 2023

Hi,I would like to endorse the request for the Austin Ruby in 1/76 along with the Sunbeam Talbot, many of the 1/43 range would make great additions to the 1/76 collection perhaps its something that could be considered?

David Fielding - May 23, 2023

Hi Taff’s
You still have the series 3 long wheelbase Land Rover you could produce, that would be a great little model.

Peter Halford - May 22, 2023

How about a 1:76 model of the Land Rover prototype 1947 ‘centre steer’?

berndt Roelvink - May 22, 2023

Waarom diverse modellen in schaal 1:76 niet in schaal 1:43
Austin Maestro, Austin A40 Somerset en nog diverse anderen
groeten Berndt Roelvink
Het Nationaal Auto Miniatuur Museum

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