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Ultimate Fathers Day Collection - Limited Stock Available!
Ultimate Fathers Day Collection - Limited Stock Available!
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Spitfire model plane of the Supermarine Spitfire MkI

Spitfire Model Plane

Looking for a Spitfire model plane? We've got various Spitfire scale models to choose from! Our authentic Spitfire models are popular among many aviation enthusiasts. People visit our site to find a wide variety of Spitfire models, from the Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 to the Spitfire Ixe 443 Sqn RCAF! Consider Oxford Diecast as your one-stop shop for all your Spitfire model needs and enjoy browsing through our Spitfire model plane collection today.

Introduction to our Spitfire models

If you’re looking for a diecast Spitfire model, look no further. We have a range of different Spitfire models available in our store, from the Prewar Spitfire Mk1 to the Supermarine Spitfire MK1. The Spitfire model is a diecast model airplane that has been in production since the mid-1950s. Our Spitfire models are known for their high quality and attention to detail, making them popular among collectors and aviation enthusiasts. This diecast Spitfire model is a beautiful addition to any home, office, or display case. It's perfect for collectors or history enthusiasts alike.

Model spitfire plane of RAF Prewar Spitfire MkI

About the Spitfire & our Spitfire model planes

The Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraft that was used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries before, during, and after World War II. The Spitfire was built in many variants, using several wing configurations, and was produced in greater numbers than any other British aircraft. It was also the only British fighter to be in continuous production throughout the war. The Spitfire was designed to be a short-range interceptor aircraft. Its low speed and manoeuvrability made it ideal for dogfighting against German Messerschmitt Bf 109s. Hence one of the reasons that the Spitfire was an iconic WWII fighter plane! It helped Britain beat back invading German forces in World War II. And it has been featured in many movies, including the classic film "Battle of Britain". Our Spitfire Model Planes will make any aviation enthusiast proud to display on their desk or mantle.

Spitfire models for sale

Do you love Spitfires? Do you want to own a Spitfire model? You can! We have a wide range of Spitfire models for sale, including:

  • Diecast Spitfire X4590 Hendon which was deployed to 609 Squadron and operated out of RAF Middle Wallop (part of the Battle of Britain).
  • Diecast RAF - Prewar Spitfire MkI used by the 19 Squadron. For your information – the 19 Squadron was the very first flying squadron of the RAF to receive the Spitfire Mk1 back in August 1938!
  • Diecast Spitfire Mk1 RAF Hawarden. Of course, today the site that was RAF Hawarden, is used as an airport and an industrial estate! But once upon a time, RAF Hawarden (Flintshire North Wales) was actually one of the training bases where the WWII Spitfire pilots undertook flight instruction.

Spitfire Model of Spitfire Mk1 RAF Hawarden

About the Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and many other Allied countries before, during, and after World War II. It was produced by Vickers-Armstrongs (which became part of the British Aircraft Corporation). The Spitfire continued to be developed throughout the war to overcome its initial shortcomings, but it was the only RAF fighter to be produced throughout its service life. It was built in many variants with differing engine power, modified wings, and improved armament. Supermarine's chief designer Reginald Mitchell designed the Spitfire as a short-range high-performance interceptor aircraft against threats from German bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. Mitchell's team of designers realised they needed a new approach to improve performance. For example they adopted features usually associated with seaplanes, including an open cockpit and a boat-like fuselage using two V-section bulkheads rather than the traditional monoplane arrangement of thin webs.

Our Supermarine Spitfire model planes

The Submarine Spitfire is one of the most iconic aircraft of all time. It's not just a plane; it's a symbol of freedom! The Spitfire was built during WWII, and it helped keep the skies free from enemy attack. It was agile, fast, and had a great turning radius. Now you can get your own Supermarine Spitfire model! Whether you want to collect this to display it in your home or office, we have exactly what you need to make your dreams come true!

Authentic models spitfire model plane

Spitfire model planes and our Spitfire set

We all know that aviation enthusiasts are a passionate bunch. They love to collect memorabilia, learn about the history of aviation, and devour books about their favourite airplanes. But what if you want to give them something truly unique? Something they'll remember forever? That's where we come in! We've got a selection of gifts for every aviation enthusiast, and we're sure you'll find the perfect present for your loved one. If you're looking for something extra special, check out our Spitfire set. With a Spitfire set, you can give your favourite history buff the chance to build their very own replica of this iconic WWII fighter plane.

Spitfire Merchandise and our Spitfire Set

Spitfire merchandise gifts

Our Spitfire Merchandise gifts are perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about aviation history. These Spitfire models can also be used as great educational tools too! So, buy one for a friend or family member today and this model airplane will be the centrepiece of any room! It will also help people remember some of the most important moments in history. Our Spitfire models make a great gift for anyone who loves to travel or has a fascination with airplanes!

Spitfire Merchandise and Spitfire models for sale

Buy a Spitfire model plane today!

When it comes to World War II aircraft, the Spitfire is one of the most iconic and beautiful flying machines ever created. And now, you can get your hands on this classic piece of history with our Spitfire models for sale! At Oxford Diecast, we're proud to offer a full range of authentic models of this famous fighter plane, so you can enjoy having an exact replica in your home or office. The detail on these models is incredible you'll be amazed at how much they look just like miniature versions of the real thing! No matter which model you choose, it will be sure to delight any aviation enthusiast with its accuracy and attention to detail. So, if you're looking for a unique gift for someone who loves aviation or history (or if you want something cool for yourself), grab one of our Spitfire model planes today!

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