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AEC 690

AEC 690 Dumptruck

When the AEC 690 was first suggested as an addition to the Oxford range it bought back memories of my time growing up in South Wales during the 1960’s. My grandfather had a Morris Oxford, I remember every bit of that car, it was registered PWN 469 a Series III. It had indicator stalks that would pop out from between the doors.

Locally we would walk everywhere, but sometimes on odd occasions we would travel farther afield returning later in the evenings. The Port Talbot by-pass was under construction, which would later become part of the M4. There were over 15,000 workers at the local steel plant, the light and the smoke that was belching out of the works seemed like one big firework display – for an 8 year old who loved cars and trucks, nothing could beat this as there were vehicles everywhere. Then as we travelled towards Swansea there was building and construction everywhere. Factories dominated the landscape Ford, AWCO and Alcoa and so many more.

Peering through the window of the Morris Oxford, I have recollections of seeing so many trucks that looked like the AEC 690 Dumptruk. 


AEC 690 Brochure Cover - Oxford Diecast

AEC 690 Brochure Cover

It was rebadged, with different engines and updated body variations over it life time.

AEC 690                                    1964-1969

Aveling Barford 690                   1969-1975

Leyland LD55                             1975-1980

Leyland Bush Tractor LD55       1972-1980

Scammell LD55                          1975-1980

Scammell Bush Tractor LD55     1972-1980

Thornycroft Bush Tractor            1970-1972


AEC 690 Truck


AEC 690 Truck


The cab and chassis were designed by Thornycroft, who had been purchased by AEC in the early 1960’s. The AEC 690 was a real workhorse.

AEC 690 Cab Interior

An all-steel full-width cab, resiliently mounted with easy access steps both sides, has a lined interior and flat two-piece reverse sloping windscreen, counter-balanced drop door windows, rear view quarter and centre windows and adjustable driver's seat. Cab equipment includes twin windscreen wipers, two large rear view mirrors, and efficient heater/demister unit and a tool box.

The Oxford Diecast 1:76 scale model trucks are as follows and the first release will appear during August/September of 2022. It is tooled as both a truck  and a concrete/cement mixer.

Oxford Diecast Line Drawings of 1:76 Scale Model
Line drawings of the Oxford Diecast AEC 690 Truck and Mixer


To be emailed on release of these just follow links below.

76ACD001 1:76 Wimpey Truck - Released 25th July 2022

76ACD001 Dumper Truck Wimpey

76ACD002 1:76 NCB Truck

76ACD002 NCB Truck Oxford Diecast

76ACM001 1:76 Concrete Mixer Blue

76ACM001 Cement Mixer Blue

76ACM002 1:76 Cement Mixer Yellow and Black

76ACM002 Yellow and Black AEC690 Cement Mixer


Leyland LD55 Advert Oxford Diecast

Advert with  the later LD55


Below are some early CAD pictures and early shot images.

76ACD AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACD AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACD AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACD AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACM AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACM AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACM AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACM AEC 690 CAD Oxford Diecast

76ACD Oxford Diecast Truck

76ACM Oxford Diecast Cement and Concrete Mixer



Further livery updates will be announced later this year.


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Matthias Hennies - August 19, 2022

Lovely model, but what really disappoints me: This big, expensive dumper does not tip! Regards, Matthias

John Ingham-Law - August 17, 2022

To me, the thing that really lets down some of your models including the new dump truck, and the new buses, is the lack of mirrors. So important to the look of the model.

Rex Hilson - July 16, 2022

I could definitely find places for these civil engineering monsters on my layout, do have a construction area ready.

Richard Bristol - July 3, 2022

Very interesting article cant wait to see this spectacular model…

Nigel Branthwaite - July 1, 2022

Look forward to add these AEC 690 Dumptruk models to my ACV/AEC Model Collection . Very impressed with what I see .

Victor Gray - June 30, 2022

Approx 1970 fitted new cab and repaint yellow /black stripes aveling barford then NCB.

Alistair Moffat - June 30, 2022

I remember these Scottish Land Development Company monsters on land clearance and site preparation for the large housing schemes around greater Glasgow in the fifties. The Draglines, Face Shovels, Airfield runway style Scrapers and Blaw Knox ? Bulldozers were all part of a vast change to the farming landscape of Lanarkshire and other counties around the city. It all looked a bit dated when compared to the Euclid(later Terex) machines being manufactured locally at that time.

Albert Mc Nulty - June 30, 2022

Can one of the models be produced in NCB livery it would go well with a colliery diorama

Phil Ansley-Watson - June 30, 2022

Hi Taff

I grew up in and around Rugby in the 1950’s and remember them passing me as I was cycling home from school. I don’t remember the reverse slope windscreen that’s probably because I was more interested in staying upright as the monster went by!



Peter Blissett - June 30, 2022

I have pre-ordered the Wimpey dump truck some time ago – please be careful with the body colour – it should be the original “Wimpey Yellow” – the one shown on the blog looks too orange for me ! Regards, Peter

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