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Update to Future Items February 2022

Update to Future Items February 2022

Nobody likes announcing delays, but in a recent conversation with a few collectors, it became apparent that it may be preferable for this information to be more public. During the Covid Pandemic period, we have experienced some quite significant delays on items, and you will have seen this over my last few correspondences with you. We have made the decision to not announce any future development and release a new catalogue until May 2022 to allow time to catch up.

Below are the updated release dates for your info. Please note that anything stating Q1 2022 is arriving by March and is on the way, so you can get excited for these, and we will expect to see those items released in Q1. Anything later is estimated based on current development and could change over the course of the year.

We have taken the difficult decision, due to many factors, to take a pause on a few items, so you will not see them listed. 72WD (Westland Dragonfly 1:72) 50HYD ( JCB Hydradig 1:50) and 50FST ( JCB Fastrac 1:50).


Product Description Release Updated Release
1:148 Oxford Agriculture      
NFBB001 15145 Rusty Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine Q3/2022 Q4/2022
NFBB002 Fowler BB1 Ploughing Engine No15222 Bristol Rover + Living Wagon Q3/2022 Q3/2022
NLW002 Living Wagon Pickfords Q3/2022 Q4/2022
1:148 Oxford Automobile      
NCOR3005 Ford Cortina MkIII Electric Monza Blue Q2/2022 Q3/2022
NJAG8003 Jaguar MkVIII Indigo Blue/Cotswold Blue Q1/2022 Q3/2022
NJAG9004 Jaguar Mk8/9 Black/Imperial Maroon Q2/2022 Q3/2022
NMN009 Classic Mini Tweed Grey/OEW Q1/2022 Q3/2022
NVWS001 VW T1 Samba Bus Sealing Wax Red/Beige Grey Q3/2022 Q4/2022
1:148 Oxford Commercials      
NFTC001 Ford Transit Connect Royal Mail Q3/2022 Q4/2022
1:18 Oxford Automobile      
18MBC007 Messerschmitt KR200 Bubble Top Black Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:43 Oxford Automobile      
43CCC004 Ford Cortina MkII Crayford Convertible Black/White Q2/2022 Q3/2022
43DS1001 Land Rover Discovery 1 Foxfire Q3/2022 Q4/2022
43JAG9005 Jaguar MkIX Imperial Maroon Q1/2022 Q3/2022
43RUB005 Austin Ruby Ash Grey Q1/2022 Q3/2022
43TX5003 TX5 Taxi Prototype VN5 Van Royal Mail Q2/2022 Q3/2022
1:43 Oxford Commercials      
43CF005 Bedford CF Ice Cream Van C J Copner Q2/2021 Q3/2022
43LR3S005 Land Rover Series III SWB Hard Top Bronze Green Q1/2022 Q3/2022
43TX4009 Tunnocks TX4 Taxi Q1/2022 Q3/2022
43WM009 Mercedes Whitby Mondial Ice Cream Van Tonibell Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:72 Oxford Aviation      
AC107 Duxford Messerschmitt Bf108 Q4/2021 Q3/2022
AC109 Boulton Paul Defiant 264 Sqn. RAF Hornchurch 1940 Q1/2022 Q1/2022
AC110 Douglas Dauntless VMSB-233 Sister Guadalcanal 1943 Q1/2022 Q1/2022
AC112  Fiat G55 Cantauro Montefusco-Bonet Squadron 1944 Q2/2022 Q3/2022
AC114 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4/Trop104-victory ace Eberhard von Boremski Q2/2022 Q3/2022
AC117 P-47 Thunderbolt 333rd FS318FG - Capt Daniel Boone Q2/2022 Q4/2022
1:76 Coca Cola      
76AK018CC Austin K8 Threeway Van Coca Cola Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76BMC005CC BMC Mobile Unit Coca Cola Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76CM010CC Commer Q25 Van Coca Cola Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:76 Oxford Automobile      
76AHF001 Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite Cherry Red Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76AHF002 Iris Blue/OEW Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76AHF003 Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite Leaf Green Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76COR3010 Ford Cortina MkIII Evergreen Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76DS1001 Land Rover Discovery 1 Foxfire Q3/2022 Q4/2022
76INV001 AC Invacar Pale Blue Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76JAG7006 Jaguar MkVII Racing Green Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76JEP003 Jaguar E Pace Santorini Black Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76JIP003 Jaguar I Pace Corris Grey Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76KG001 VW Karmann Ghia Henna Red/Pearl White Q3/2022 Q4/2022
76LRD2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 Metallic Epsom Green Q3/2022 Q4/2022
76MGZ009 MGZB Island Green/Black Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76MINGT006 Mini 1275GT Teal Blue Q1/2022 Q1/2022
76MST001 Austin Maestro Targa Red Q3/2022 Q4/2022
76ND110002 New Defender 110 Explorer Santorini Black Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76ND110003 New Defender 110 Pangea Green Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76ND110X002 New Defender 110X Eiger Grey Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76ND110X003 New Defender 110X Fuji White Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76ND90002 New Defender 90 Tasman Blue Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76ND90003 New Defender 90 Godwana Stone Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76RE001 Riley Elf MkIII Arianca Beige/Pale Ivory Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76RE002 Riley Elf MkIII Persian Blue/Snowberry White Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76RE003 Riley Elf Cumberland Green/Old Englsh White Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76RN001 Renault 4 Beige Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76RN002 Renault 4 Red Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76RN003 Renault 4 Blue Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76SC002 Scooter & Trailer Union Jack Q1/2022 Q1/2022
76SC003 Scooter & Sidecar Orange Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76SOM004 Austin Somerset Cotswold Beige Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76T25010 VW T25 Bus Pastel White Q1/2022 Q1/2022
76TT001 Audi TT Coupe Glacier White Q4/2021 Q2/2022
76TT002 Audi TT Coupe Brilliant Black Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76TT003 Floret Silver Audi TT Coupe Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:76 Oxford Commercials      
76CC003 Carlight Continental Dark Green/Sage Green Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76CUS002 Ford Transit Custom White Q4/2021 Q2/2022
76LAN188024 Bronze Green (Plimsoll) Land Rover Series I 88" Canvas (Rails) Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76LR3S005 Land Rover Series III SWB Hard Top Bronze Green Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76MSV005 Mercedes Sprinter Parcelforce Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76PB011 Commer PB White Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76TR018 Mobile Trailer M Manze Jellied Eels Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:76 Oxford Construction      
76ACD001 AEC 690 Dumper Truck Wimpey Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76ACD002 Scammell LD55 Dumper Truck NCB Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76ACM001 AEC 690 Concrete Mixer Blue Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76ACM002 AEC 690 Concrete Mixer Yellow and Black Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76JCB7001 JCB 7 Q2/2022 Q1/2023
76LTM001 Liebherr LTM1350 Crane Q2/2022 Q1/2023
1:76 Oxford Emergency      
76BED008 Bedford J1 Ambulance Aberystwyth Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76CUS003 Ford Transit Custom RAC 01/2022 03/2022
76MV034 Mini Van West Mercia Police (Panda) Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76SFE012 Scania Pump Ladder CP28 South Wales Fire & Rescue Q2/2022 Q3/2022
76VEO001 Volvo FL Emergency One Pump Ladder West Yorkshire Q3/2022 Q4/2022
1:76 Oxford Gift      
76SET68 3 Piece Audi Set Quattro/TT/S3 Convertible Q4/2021 Q3/2022
76SET77 5 Piece Set Land Rover Discovery 1/2/3/4/5 Q3/2022 Q3/2022
76SET78 3 Piece Set New Defender 90/110/110X Q1/2021 Q1/2022
1:76 Oxford Haulage      
76S143005 Scania 143 40ft Fridge Trailer William Armstrong Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76SNG001 Scania S Series Highline Fridge Whitelink Seafoods Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76SNG002 Scania S Series Curtainside Pollock Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76SNG005 Scania S Series Box Trailer Stobart NHS Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76SRH001 Scania R Series Highline Box Trailer Stobart Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76TCAB011 Scania T Cab Cylindrical Tanker Wilson McCurdy Q1/2022 Q1/2023
1:76 Oxford Military      
76AC001 Austin Champ 4th RHAR 7th Arm Div Germany 1957 Q4/2021 Q2/2022
76AC002 Austin Champ 9th Parachute Reg 16th Airborne Brg Suez 1956 Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76AC003  Austin Champ Royal Military Police Berlin 1954 Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76AEC020 AEC Matador RAF Tripoli, Libya Desert Rescue Team Q1/2022 Q1/2022
76DT007 Diamond T Tank Transporter/Trailer US Army Q1/2022 Q1/2022
76LRFCS003  Land Rover FC Signals 4th Armoured Brigade Operation Granby 1990 Q4/2021 Q1/2022
76RL001 Bedford RL RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue Q4/2021 Q3/2022
76RL002 Bedford RL 58 Company RASC Cyprus Q1/2022 Q4/2022
1:76 Oxford Omnibus      
76AMT001 Alexander M Type Scottish Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76AMT002 Alexander M Type Western Q2/2022 Q4/2022
76DB001 Duple Britannia Wallace Arnold Q3/2022 Q3/2022
76IR6009 Irizar i6 White Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76SB007 East Midland Motor Services Saro Bus Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:76 Oxford Showtime      
76APR003 Aveling & Porter Road Roller 11496 Cumbria Lady Q/2022 Q3/2022
76EC004 ERF EC Box Trailer Gerry Cottles Circus Q1/2022 Q3/2022
76FCR003 Fowler B5 Crane 8920 The Great North Q1/2022 Q2/2022
76FOW005 Fowler B6 Road Locomotive No16263 Talisman Norman E Box Q1/2022 Q2/2022
1:87 Oxford Automobile      
87BCE54001 Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 Ranier Blue/Arctic White Q1/2022 Q2/2022
87BCE54002 Baffin Green/Carlsbad Black Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 Q1/2022 Q3/2022
87CB42001 Chrysler T & C Woody Wagon 1942 Regal Maroon Q1/2022 Q2/2022
87CB42002 Chrysler T & C Woody Wagon 1942 South Sea Blue Q2/2021 Q3/2022
87CN57007 Chevrolet Nomad 1957 Colonial Cream and Onyx Black Q4/2021 Q2/2022
87CP65007 Chevrolet Stepside Pick Up 1965 Yellow Q4/2021 Q2/2022
87DC68004 Dodge Charger 1968 Yellow and Black Q4/2021 Q1/2022
87DD69004 Dodge Charger Daytona 1969 Bright Blue Q4/2021 Q3/2022
87DP48001 Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Truck Red Q1/2022 Q2/2022
87DP48002 Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Dark Green Q2/2021 Q3/2022
87DP57004 Dodge D100 Sweptside Pick Up 1957 Omaha Orange and Jewel Black Q4/2021 Q3/2022
87DS46004 DeSoto Suburban 1946-1948 Butterfly Blue/Crystal Gray Q4/2021 Q2/2022
87IC59001 Imperial Crown 2 Door Hardtop 1959 Persian Pink Q4/2021 Q2/2022
87IC59002 Imperial Crown 2 Door Hard Top 1959 Highland Green/Ballad Green Q2/2021 Q3/2022
87MU65006 Ford Mustang 1965 Ivy Green Q2/2022 Q3/2022
87OR50004 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Coupe 1949 Overseas Motors Q1/2022 Q3/2022
87PB59005 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe 1959 Mandalay Red Q2/2022 Q3/2022
87TH56007 Ford Thunderbird 1956 Thunderbird Gray Metallic/Raven Black Q1/2022 Q3/2022
1:87 Oxford Commercials      
87TR018 Mobile Trailer M Manze Jellied Eels Q1/2022 Q3/2022
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michael johnson - August 31, 2022

I wish you would do a Jowett Javelin and Jowett Bradford van or Utility in 1:43 scale.

Darren Nicholson - August 7, 2022

we realy need to see a Seddon Atkinson 400 series this was a icon of British road haulage in the 1980s the oxford range is great but there is a terrible gap from the 70s to the 90s

Chris Miller - July 26, 2022

Any chance of extending the Triumph sports car range to include a TR2 / TR3A in 1/76 please. Perhaps too with the passing of Paddy Hopkirk, a Monte Carlo Mini would be a good addition.

Reginald - June 29, 2022

How about the Bedford TJ in 1/43 scale, there don’t seem to be many if any being manufactured. I suggest may be doing a series of old sweet & chocolate manufacturer’s from days gone by, there were so many large and small the list is endless. So many have been long gone and some have been swallowed up and live on in the large confectionery giants. Names like Rowntrees of York, Terry’s of York, Cravens of York, Hussicks of Birmingham, Barratts of Wood Green London, Caxton Chocolate London and Maynard’s Original Wine Gums of Harringay London there are many many more the list is endless. I’m sure there would be a lot of interest from model collector’s around the world

KEith - June 25, 2022

It would be nice to see 50s and60s Austin A40,A50 and A90 saloons plus some of the 60s and 70s popular caravans , the likes of bailey,swift and fisher.also how about some camping trailers and trailer tents.

Bob Brown - May 31, 2022

I would like to see the following released in 1/76 scale: Bedford CF Ice Cream van, 1980’s ambulance, Mk 2 Transit van, Volvo F10 truck, Leyland T45 truck and finally a Mini metro.

Mike Butler - May 28, 2022

I would welcome 1950’s/60’s cars in N guage as I now have all the available models in your range. Models from the existing 1:76 range would be good to save the cost of design as N guage is not a volume seller yet. e.g. Austin A40 Mk11, Austin Healey Sprite, Cortina MK1, FB Victor, Ford Popular 103E, or Vauxhall Wyvern.
Thank you for your great models that add detail and realism to any project.

Colin Wright - May 14, 2022

Would very much like to see the vickers viking in the aviation section.

David Clarke - April 28, 2022

re…Austin Maxi. Would love to see model with first version of radiator grill (1500cc) – dark blue would be a plus. I owned the first real Maxi 1500 (OPV 201H) in dark blue followed by the second version 1750cc (BDX 210L) in dark blue, the second of which is being modelled but not in dark blue…yet! Feel free to use my numbers if you do so!

David Parkin - April 27, 2022

How about early Duple Dominant bodies and the Plaxton Supreme .

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